This is the sequel to the previously reviewed “Bikini Bloodbait.” Again, odd duo of movies, but they have some decent bites.

Note: Timestamps below are based upon the downloaded version of the stand-alone movie from the Nightveil Media web site (link at the bottom). They also sell a combined version along with the original “Bikini Bloodbait” movie, so the timestamps may be different in that one.

Begins at 5:30

This first bite is just so-so. It’s constantly interspersed with scenes of a vamp-on-vamp cat-fight (which you may enjoy), and we don’t get a good view of the bite itself. But the actress does a good job of acting the vicious vampire.

Begins at 6:45

Now this is a good bite! If tall blondes in boots are your thing, you’ll enjoy this one. Having taken this beautiful vamp back to his hotel room, this lucky guy immediately gets pushed up against the wall and bitten, then thrown on the bed and pinned down for a great bite. The way she pins his arm down while feeding is especially nice.

Begins at 7:45

Almost not worth mentioning this bite. You see little and it’s over in an instant. But there is a bite, so I didn’t want to leave it out.

Begins at 8:25

Another low mileage bite. At least this one lasts a little longer, but her mouth barely touches his neck. Seemed like the actress was afraid to get into it.

Begins at 10:50

This one is a bit better. The actress gets into it and really grabs the guy. He walks up to her body, thinking she’s hurt or dead, and she grabs him and sinks her teeth in, holding on tight while he struggles. Not bad at all.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of the bites (from female vamps, anyway). There’s a lot of film let, but no more female vamp action.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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