My Mission

My mission with this site is to bring you everything available for female vampire bite fetishists. From movie scenes to erotica short stories to places to buy fangs, it’s all here.

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Bite Scene Reviews

This is what you’ve probably come here to see. I look everywhere I can to find movies, TV shows, short films, and anything else out there that contains scenes of female vampires biting victims. You’ll find it all here along with reviews.

Books & Erotica

Sadly, there’s very little out there in the form of written erotica for fans of female vampires. Content abounds for those looking for hunky male vampires, but if you’re looking to find sexy female vamps in written form, it can be tough. We try to change that here.

Bringing Female Vampires to You

Tired of spending so much time digging through old content trying to find little morsels of new female vampire bite content?

That’s what I’m here for, and that’s why I’ve made this site. Search Google for something like “female vampire bites,” and you won’t find much that isn’t old or useless. Let’s get this page to the top of the search results with the best female vampire bites on the web!

And of course, if you have links or anything of your own to share, please contact me so that I can feature it.