Vampire Slaughter: Eaten Alive

This isn’t really a true movie, it’s more of a “best of” clips movie from Full Moon Entertainment’s vampire movies. Still, it’s not a bad go-to source for some great female vampire bites. Full Moon has done some really great vampire content over the years, and they seem to really “get” what’s appealing erotically about vampire bites.

Note: Timestamps below are based upon the Amazon Prime streaming version of the movie.

Begins at 10:30

Our first bite is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the bite from the female vamp is excellent. As is usual with Fool Moon (this clip is from the “Vampire Journals” movie), their vampires are both sensual and violent at the same time. So many movies aren’t able to get the right mix on this. They usually either make the vampires too violent, killing the sexuality, or too sexual, ruining one of the prime appeals of vampire fetish content: the powerlessness of the victim. At its heart, vampire bite fetishism is really a niche of BDSM culture. Without the power exchange, it doesn’t work. But Full Moon has always made their vampires powerful over their victims, and it works here very well.

So what’s the mixed bag portion of the clip? Well, if you’re bisexual, there isn’t one. But for those who prefer their vampire fetishism purely with female vampires, this clip isn’t the ticket. After our lovely female vamp sinks her teeth in, her two male vampire friends grab the victim’s wrists and feed. This would have been wonderfully erotic with three female vampires, but as a straight male vampire fetishist, the male vamps kinda ruin it for me.

Begins at 26:45

This next bite is a quick one. But the vamp is pretty hot, so it’s worth a glance. The movie the clip is from is Decadent Evil. Not the best movie (unlike Vampire Journals and Subspecies, which are excellent), but they’ve got some quality ladies.

Begins at 29:00

This scene is one of my all-time favorites. Cassandra is such a perfect vampire. And new vampires learning how to feed is always a sweet spot for me. Cassandra stops a man on the street and at first seduces him, but when she sinks her teeth in, he tries to run away. Then her blood lust takes over. She shoves him up against a fence and feeds roughly from behind, at one point grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. A beautifully done feeding. And if you like gloves, that’s a bonus for you!

Begins at 31:40

This scene is worth a mention, even though it’s a big let-down. As you can see from the photo, we’ve got two hot female vamps, but sadly, only the male vamp takes a bite. I mention it only because it is a feeding scene that involves two female vamps holding down a struggling and helpless victim. It’s just a shame that they don’t get to enjoy the feast.

Begins 39:00

This one has lots of promise when it starts off, but it’s not as good as it appears on first glance. A couple walks into a room and is joined shortly by a hot vamp who starts seducing the woman, much to the man’s enjoyment. She’s a bit rough with her, which is why you think it might be good. And when another vamp walks in to join them, it looks even better! But sadly, the bites aren’t all that great. The second vamp slashes the guy’s throat and feeds, but you don’t get a great view of it. After chasing the girl around, she feeds again, this time with a little better shot at the feeding. But neither are spectacular. The original vamp who joined the couple never even gets to have a taste! Disappointing, but bites worth watching.

Begins at 48:45

This is an iconic scene from the “Subspecies” series. In the first movie, Michelle is turned, but we don’t get to see any vampiric action from her. That changes in the second film in the series, and we get a great scene with Michelle’s first feeding. First feedings are some of my favorites, because they usually involve a vampire losing control and going all out. This scene is no exception. After taking a first bite and enjoying it, she pushes her victim to the ground and pins him down while she feeds. Great scene!

Begins at 1:11:30

You can’t see much from this photo, but this is another scene of Michelle from Subspecies having a drink. As usual, Denice Duff, the actress who played Michelle from movie 2 and on, does a great job of acting like she’s really getting into the feeding. It’s a quick feed, but worth a look.

Unfortunately, that’s it for this one. Full Moon does such a great job that I’m always interested in what they’ve got, even when it’s some recycled content. If you haven’t watched the Subspecies movies or Vampire Journals, definitely check them out. I’ll try to review them soon also.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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