Point of View (POV) Content is Worthless

FYI to fetish clip producers out there, point of view (POV) content is absolutely worthless when it comes to vampire fetish videos. POV only works well when the sex acts are the main focus of the clip. But when it’s a vampire clip and the main focus is the vampire biting the person whose POV you are experiencing, you really get nothing out of it because you can’t see the bite. People looking for vampire bite fetish videos want to actually see the bite. There might be some limited value to POV if you’re recording in 360 degree video for Oculus and other VR viewers, but that’s a niche on top of a niche fetish, so I doubt we’ll see much of that content any time soon. So for now, stick to what works when it comes to vampire fetish content: show the bites! Leave the POV stuff for BJs.

What does everyone else think about POV content for vampire fetish clips? Am I alone here?