Where are the movie reviews?

That’s not really what I do here. This place is all about the bites! So while I post a lot about movies (and TV, and YouTube clips, etc.), I’m not reviewing the overall product. I’m just reviewing the bite scenes. The purpose of Vampire Fetish Central is to give vampire bite fetishists a place to call him and find the best content out there.

Are you some kind of freak?

I hope not. 🙂 Everybody has a fetish. For some people, it’s more “mainstream,” like bondage or feet. For others, it’s a bit more esoteric, like vampire bites. Don’t judge. I’m sure there’s something weird that you like and don’t talk about. 😉

I have some great vampire bite content that you haven’t written about. Can you post it?

Probably! Please go to the contact us page and send it to me and I’ll see if it’s the kind of stuff that interests the audience here. If so, I’ll be happy to post about it and review it. Just remember, it has to be vampire bite related. If there’s vampire content but no female vampires biting, then it won’t get a good review.