Bikini Bloodbait

Bikini Bloodbait is the first part of a rather odd duo of movies. But since we aren’t a site focused on reviewing the movies, but rather the bites, I won’t worry too much about weird plotting. Instead, let’s get to the bites!

Note: Timestamps below are based upon the downloaded version of the stand-alone movie from the Nightveil Media web site (link at the bottom). They also sell a combined version along with another movie, so the timestamps may be different in that one

Begins at 1:45

A somewhat quick feeding, but not a bad one. The actress is our first reviewed African American vampire, I believe, and she plays the role well, putting some viciousness into the feeding that I like. This clip features both feeding from behind and also feeding while pinning the victim down by her wrists. Two good feeding postures!

Begins at 17:00

This is a pretty quick bite, but the actress is hot, and she does her best with a short scene. After being turned by a weird alien vampire tentacled thingy, she comes downstairs and takes a bite out of her boyfriend. He tries to get away and jumps on top of him and sinks her fangs in.

Begins at 23:00

My favorite scenes are always hand-over-mouth (HOM) bites. And while this scene contains some HOM, it’s brief and not easily visible. So while I like it, it definitely could have been better. The director also ruins some scenes, including this one, by using a red filter during the bites. Hate that! But overall a pretty good bite.

Begins at 26:30

This bite is pretty worthless. It’s quick, there’s not a good view, and the director uses a horrible grainy and muddled filter for the scene. But there is a bite.

Begins at 31:20

The final bite scene in this movie is a bit of a letdown. No that it’s a bad series of bites, but it has so much promise and doesn’t deliver on it. Any time you begin with two hot vamps and they don’t do a shared threesome feeding, it’s a letdown. But we do get some good bites, so it’s definitely worth a watch. And if vamp-on-vamp feeding is your thing, it delivers.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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